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We teach traditional, sport and combatives under a single flag for anyone who wishes to learn and progress with only one major prerequisite: integrity

- Greetings from Master Avi Nardia -

KAPAP is a highly developed self-defence martial art created for the sole purpose of self defence.

KAPAP is a highly developed self-defence martial art created for the sole purpose of self defence.
KAPAP self defence  is designed to work with your natural defensive reflexes, honing them into highly effective self-defence tactics that protect against violent assault, regardless of your gender, physical size and age.
KAPAP also focuses on improving awareness skills as these are of prime importance, recognising threats as soon as possible and avoiding situations before they escalate.
We encourage you to build the self-defence mindset, building self-confidence, fitness and important life skills so you can protect your family and loved ones – without the fear of falling on the wrong side of the law.
If a confrontation is unavoidable, KAPAP self-defence offers counter measures when dealing with even the most violent of opponents. We will teach you the appropriate physical response to those who are stronger, with weapons or when there is more than one assailant.

It is said the true meaning of martial arts is written in the Chinese characters for “martial arts.” The symbol, which translates as “martial,” is formed by two important elements, “stop” and “fight.” Giving, the term “martial arts,” the meaning “arts for peace.”

We have several KAPAP schools within the UK and run regular self defence workshops and courses. Classes are open to male and females whatever their martial arts background, if any, in a fun safe environment.

close quarter combat or commonly know as CQB covers all areas of self defence


KAPAP has developed one of the best close quarter battle systems in the world. Israeli is one of the most experience nations in the world dealing with terrorism and the history of KAPAP has been written in a special ink called blood.

Defensive tactics against knife attacks

Knife defence

Learn to defend yourself against the ever increasing threat of edged weapons and sharp objects. Detect, avoid and if you can’t escape, deal with the threat. With tried and battle tested drills.

Defensive tactics against firearms and handling skills

Firearms defence & handling

Learn what to do, how to disarm and once in the weapon is in your posession. How to make it safe. We also provide specialist course’s in Serbia for instructors and security service professionals.

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Sam Markey is the most advanced teacher in Europe by Me - Avi Nardia, and also around world! If ever I die Sam will be the one to correct many things in KAPAP as so long time together and lead my way for last 12 years, Sam carry Kapap Level 4 and also Teacher certificate under me and Rank of 3rd Dan Jiujutsu. Our friendships roots take many years ago as No one knew the word KAPAP and all Krav Maga schools and "Masters” claim No KAPAP... Funny after 13 years now KM claim be KAPAP BUT as always said Love and peace to all.

Avi Nardia

I have studied with Sam for over 10 years and I have always been impressed by his passion, skill and knowledge. Just when you think you have mastered a technique Sam will show you a variation or a tweak which takes it to the next level. Suffice to say he is an ideal role model and a great teacher.

Paul Brennan