August 21, 2013 Kapap UK Workshop With Avi Nardia, Location Bridlington East Yorkshire UK

What a great day, it was great to see old and new friends, and the missed friends who couldn’t make it for the Avi Nardia Kapap workshop in Bridlington.

The seminar kicked off with the head of Kapap UK, Sam Markey introducing Avi Nardia. Avi who is one of only a handful of instructors to have been an official instructor for the Israeli army, Israeli Police, and Israeli counter terrorist units. Avi Nardia (Major, IDF Res.) served in an Israeli Special Counter Terror Unit. He has trained SWAT, SRT and SERT team members along with Army, Marine, Special Forces, Counter Terrorist Units, Police agencies and armed forces all over the world and is one of the founders of modern KAPAP – with decades of experience in both combat situations and teaching.

The gathering of the 40 like minded people who had traveled from Ireland, Scotland, The North West, The Midlands, South West, The South East ,London and various cities and towns in the UK to learn and train with Avi, as well as gain some excellent skills.

As always when attending a Kapap seminar with Avi Nardia you have some pre- conceived ideas about what you are expecting, and from his opening Avi was funny, witty, and down to earth as usual, but more than that he gave off an aura of “I have been there, and seen it for real” not in a big headed way at all, but those of you who have had the pleasure to meet him, or others of his ilk, will know there is just something about these people that says do not mistake my kindness for weakness.

From the feedback received everyone loved the approach he took to teaching, building up simple yet effective principles and techniques for defences for the most popular weapons of attack.  The instructions were simple and clear; Avi was happy to walk around and answer questions and advise on the correct principle or technique giving everybody a turn to meet him.

All the techniques were simple to apply, worked very well. So well, it is nearly a week later and some of the guys still have the bruises to prove the effect of the techniques. After 6 hours training some of the guys said they were physically exhausted, and racking their brains to remember some of the information. One of the guys said “I have been in Martial arts for over 20 years, and these simple techniques taught me a lot I didn’t know”.

All who attended the Avi Kapap workshop were all pleasant, and all there to learn. No ego’s flying about, even though there was a mixture of different styles in attendance.

Once again thank you to Avi for sharing the knowledge, thank you to all who attended the Kapap UK workshop you all made it a great day.

Kapap UK is going from strength to strength and will continue do so as always with the support of all the Kapap UK clubs.

Thanks again to all of you and look forward to seeing you all on future seminars.

Sam Markey
Kapap UK


Written by Sam Markey



I just completed the level 1 kapap course, I’ve been doing different types of martial arts and self defence for many years, and I was very impressed with the course.

Sam took the 5 day course, his knowledge and style of teaching made everyone comfortable which made the learners learn the kapap techniques more easily.

The system covers a wide variety of techniques both empty hand aswell as weapons, single attacks to multiple attacks, the kapap leaves no stone unturned. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jimmy Kelly

The KAPAP ethos of family, no bull and big ego’s is positively refreshing to say the least. Sam has an amazing amount of knowledge and I have nothing but admiration for his teaching style.

Since starting my own small KAPAP club in Great Yarmouth support from Sam and other members of the KAPAP UK community has been absolutely brilliant and I can’t thank them enough for this.

Brett Mackenzie