Kapap UK Self Defence Training Seminar At Kapap Lanarkshire

What a great day, it was great to see old and new friends at the recent Kapap UK self defence training seminar at Kapap Lanarkshire. The Kapap self defence training seminar and instructor update training. The Kapap self defence training seminar at Kapap Lanarkshire was organized by Gary Higham, Kapap Lanarkshire and Scotland’s lead Kapap instructor, if you ever get a chance to attend one of Gary’s Kapap self defence training classes, or to work out with him, or just to meet him, take it. Gary is a very talented, a great teacher, and all-around good guy.  It was great to see Gary’s hard work through commitment and dedication coming to fruition; he really has a great mix of students at Kapap Lanarkshire and should be proud of his achievement at the continuing growth of Kapap Lanarkshire in the local area and Scotland as a whole. It was a pleasure to see and meet new faces eager to learn, as always great to see retuning instructors who had been on previous Kapap self defence level 1 instructor courses and to catch up on their progress. The Kapap seminar as always was well attended and all were pleasant, and there to learn. No ego’s flying about, even though there was a varying mixture of different sizes, strengths and skill sets. From the feedback received everyone loved the approach to building up of simple, yet effective principles and techniques for defences for the most popular types of attack. The instructions were simple and clear. There was plenty of help on hand from the other instructors who attended to answer questions and advise on the correct principles or techniques.
Once again thank you to Gary, for hosting the Kapap seminar at Kapap Lanarkshire and thank you to Tracy for the hospitality always a warm welcome, to all who attended the Kapap self defence training and Kapap instructor workshop you all made it a great day.
Sam Markey
Kapap UK