KAPAP UK self defence schools

The Avi Nardia Academy is committed to the highest standards in our instructors and organisation. All instructors are required to attend updates with Sam Markey a minimum of 4 times a year; this ensures that all our students receive the very best instruction possible.

Here is a list of our authorised KAPAP UK self defence schools. If the self defence school is not listed, then it is not an authorised training centre. There are several organisations that use the KAPAP name and they operate independently of the Kapap UK Avi Nardia Academy.

KAPAP UK Chief Instructor
Sam Markey
Level 4

Sam is now back in the UK and teaches regular classes in Bridlington East Yorkshire. Sam is Avi Nardia’s most advanced Instructor worldwide. So beware of pretenders!

KAPAP Lanarkshire
Gary Higham
Level 3

KAPAP Lanarkshire is run one of our most senior instructors Gary Higham who’s martial arts background comes from boxing, Krav Maga and BJJ. The club runs two classes per week on a tuesday and thursday.


KAPAP Ireland
Malcolm Ladley
Level 3

Malcolm has studied martial arts for over forty years, disciplines include Karate, Kung Fu, Wrestling, Shotokan and full contact Kickboxing. He is a 5th Dan black belt in Wado-Ryu Karate and also holds a 1st degree black sash in Kung Fu. He has fought over 60 full contact fights and won the W.O.M.M.A world title and a sliver and bronze in the WKC.


Viking KAPAP (Norwich, Great Yarmouth & Snetterton)
Brett Mackenzie
Level 2

Brett comes from a military background, serving with the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. He holds a Dan grade in Korean Karate and is a practising student of Japanese and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

He is a certified level 2 Firearms Instructor with GROM Serbia as well as an experienced registered door supervisor and works in Norwich gaining valuable experience in his role as a self defence instructor.


South Norfolk KAPAP
Sam Hill / Chris Moore
Level 1

South Norfolk Kapap is run by level 1 instructors Sam Hill & Chris Moore. Both are presently practicing BJJ students under Gracie barra. Sam is holder of first aid certificate with some experience in karate. Both have experience in Muay Thai, Boxing & Krav Maga.



Thanks again for a great and interesting course. Although we all ached, it was always a joy to come in each day and learn something new. The principles were easy to understand and splitting the course into two parts gave us the opportunity to go away and think about what we had learnt and turn up for the 2nd part with a fresh mind. Your course left me wanting to learn a lot more and although regular training in Reading may be a little tricky, I'll be heading up North for some more of your Kapap. Thank you for all your help and kindness and taking the time, to teach a little train driving lady like me.

Jude Turley

I've trained in various martial arts since I was a child at many clubs across 'The Home Counties'. And I have found KAPAP puts a whole new spin on martial arts and self defence. Sam Markey has a unique teaching style that sets him above the rest.

Maybe it's his calm placid manner that makes the students warm to him and grabs their attention. He doesn't over complicate the techniques which makes Kapap a simple no frills martial art that is designed for today's urban society.

I would certainly recommend training with Sam and the KAPAP family and grab any opportunity to tap into his knowledge and experience. I have taken a lot from Sam and incorporated this into my own training methods at my club..

Mitchell James