KAPAP Level 1 Instructor Development Course®

KAPAP Level 1 Instructor Development Course will be on 1st – 5th October 2016 in Bridlington East Yorkshire with Sam Markey of Kapap UK

The course costs £750, with a £250 non-returnable deposit required to secure your place

Have you ever questioned what you have been teaching or taught? Deep down you know it is flawed due to the size and strength of the opponent, or maybe physical ability and gender of student, but you still have to teach it because it’s PART OF THE SYLLABUS?

If you have questioned this then you sound like the ideal candidate we are looking for. We want our instructors to think OUTSIDE THE BOX and develop into world class teachers. Unlike other self-defence disciplines and traditional martial arts we do not have a syllabus, we exchanged linear techniques for principles. Following principles means you develop mental agility and can react to the situation and survive.

The KAPAP Level 1 instructor course is based on a model used in Israel’s Police, Military and governmental security agencies and has been put to the test since day one of its creation. It is used by top Counter Terrorism Units in Israel such as the Special Police YAMAM unit.

The training is focused on achieving a balance between all the “weaknesses” that a human being has:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional

KAPAP is unlike other martial art’s as it’s a concept/theory working on principles. Over five’s days you will work learn and understand these principles.

      1. Relative position
      2. Two points of contact
      3. Balance displacement
      4. Push / pull
      5. High / low

Subjects that will be covered include:

  • CQB Close Quarter Battle – Hand to hand
  • Arrest and control
  • Knife attack and disarm
  • Firearms disarming and shooting application
  • Hostage and terrorist scenerios

At the end of the course you will required to demonstrate these principles in a short micro teach – if successful you will be awarded a certificate of completion.



Enter criteria

  • You will need a credible martial arts background or recommendation from you KAPAP UK instructor (This is not a beginners course).
  • You will need to be in good physical shape
  • You will be required to provide a passport style photograph
  • You will need to pay a deposit of £250 to secure your place (via Paypal)
  • Any false information provide and your application will be terminated

Continued self development required

This will not automatically authorize you as an instructor! You will be encouraged to continue your personal development by attending further level 1 courses and instructor updates. After the completion of your first level course, you can attend any Avi Nardia Academy around the world for FREE.

We are not an organization who’s sole purpose is to make money, we want to make great teachers. Many have tried and failed, have you got what it takes?