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Kapap UK Self Defence Training Seminar At Kapap Lanarkshire

What a great day, it was great to see old and new friends at the recent Kapap UK self defence training seminar at Kapap Lanarkshire. The Kapap self defence training seminar and instructor update training. The Kapap self defence training seminar at Kapap Lanarkshire was organized by Gary Higham, Kapap Lanarkshire and Scotland’s lead Kapap […]

Kapap Self Defence Training Instructors

Congratulations to all our new Kapap Level 1 self defence training instructors! The candidates, who attended from around the UK, completed the instructional Kapap Self Defence training program through Kapap UK. The prospective Kapap self defence level 1 training instructors were evaluated on their physical ability, their instructional ability, and their conceptual grasp of Kapap […]

Next self defence seminar will be in Bridlington on the 22nd March

This will be hosted by Sam Markey KAPAP UK’s chief instructor. This an open self defence seminar to anyone who wishes to to learn Israeli Martial Arts. Subjects will include knife defence, defending against multiple attackers and covering the principles of KAPAP. The class will cost £25 and a great opportunity to train with the […]

A mugging takes place every two minutes in the UK on average, so how do the muggers and the victims feel during and after the attacks?

Mugging: Victims and attackers give their accounts “It’s about really putting that fear into them,” admitted Jermaine, who first got involved in street crime at the age of 11. “The way you approach them, the way you’re dressed, you have your hood on – you might have a knife on you, you might not, but […]

Why We Need Fear For Self Defence

Just imagine if we did not feel or react to fear, we would not survive for very long as we would be placing ourselves in danger every day. Why we need fear for self defence.  The main purpose is to ensure our survival, through fear. The fear mechanism is in humans and animals, it is […]

Congratulations to our new Kapap Level 1Training Instructors!

Brett Mackenzie the lead instructor of Kapap Great Yarmouth hosted the recent Kapap Level 1 instructor program at Bwell Gym 8 Bessemer Way Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 0LX 01493 603430.  Congratulations to our new Kapap Level 1 Training Instructors! Instructor candidates from around the UK completed the instructional preparation training through Kapap UK. The prospective […]

Tracking the “Way” in Budo and Combat Martial Arts

By Avi Nardia (Published in Budo Magazine 2006) Finding the Right Teacher: “Without the right teacher, its not considered learning. “ It is said in Budo that it is better to spend 15 years looking for a good teacher than not to do so and to start training 15 years too soon. Dogen, a Japanese […]

Self defence survival instincts

Sometimes the simplest form of self defence is to listen to your instincts. In a self defence situation sometimes the best weapons for self defence are your legs and your heart why? So you can run. I believe in self preservation of my family and myself as my primary consideration but, just to make it […]

Kapap UK Workshop With Avi Nardia, Location Bridlington East Yorkshire UK

What a great day, it was great to see old and new friends, and the missed friends who couldn’t make it for the Avi Nardia Kapap workshop in Bridlington. The seminar kicked off with the head of Kapap UK, Sam Markey introducing Avi Nardia. Avi who is one of only a handful of instructors to […]

Avi Nardia KAPAP workshop August 10th Bridlington, Yorkshire

Avi Nadia will be in Bridlington East Yorkshire England on Saturday 10th August 2013. This will be a rare opportunity to train with one of the worlds foremost authorities in the Israeli close quarter combat arts. Avi is one of only a handful of instructors to have been an official instructor for the Israeli army, […]
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