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Avi Nardia back in Barnsley – self defence seminar Jan 2017

I’m really pleased to announce that Avi Nardia founder of Modern KAPAP is visiting Barnsley in January to run a ‘Introduction into Israeli Martial Arts seminar’ Date: 15th January Location: Project fit unit, Wentworth Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, S75 6DT Time: 10am – 4pm Cost: £30 Avi is an amazing martial artist with many years of experience. […]

Avi Nardia KAPAP self defence workshop, Barnsley, UK

We are pleased to announce that Avi Nardia founder of modern day KAPAP will be visiting the UK. He will be teaching a two day workshop in Barnsley on 26th and 27th November. The workshop will cover main CQB Close Quarter Combat, Knife and firearms defence and ground fighting. Who is Avi Nardia? Avi Nardia […]

The Power Of Three Self Defence

The Power Of Three self defence The power of three self defence. The Earth is the third rock from the sun, and life as we know it came to be, because of this rock being in the “circumstellar habitable zone” according to the scientists. This zone is also called the Goldilocks zone, which is a […]

Kapap Instructor Update Training & Development.

KAPAP Instructor Update Training & Development. Kapap Instructor Update Training & Development is a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all Kapap instructors and students alike. The main purpose of the instructor update training is to address weaknesses, improve instructor performance, and to keep consistency. By participating in the Kapap instructor updates, training […]

Kapap Self Defence Seminar At Kapap Ireland

Kapap self defence seminar at Kapap Ireland which is run by Malcolm Ladley the lead Avi Nardia Kapap instructor for Ireland It was a great occasion, and was great to see so many martial artists in one place at the recent Kapap Ireland self-defence training seminar hosted by a true gentleman Malcolm Ladley. Kapap Ireland […]

Kapap Self Defence Instructor Course USA

Kapap Self Defence Instructor Course USA Instructors: Avi Nardia, Founder of Modern KAPAP Sam Markey, Lead of KAPAP UK Ken Akiyama, Lead of KAPAP USA This Kapap Self Defence Instructor Course USA  is open to current and prospective KAPAP instructors under Avi Nardia. Sam Markey (UK) is the most senior KAPAP instructor in the world […]

To understand Israeli martial arts as a self defence system KAPAP UK

To understand Israeli martial arts By Avi Nardia and Sam Markey ~ to understand Israeli martial arts as a self defence system, you need to understand the history of Israel and why the art was developed in the first place, and to see why it must continue to evolve. You need to understand the goal […]

Plan Your Self Defence Training

Plan your self defence. This involves the understanding the three phases leading up to an attack or fight. The pre conflict (before the fight or attack), the conflict (during the fight or attack) post conflict (after the fight or attack). The attacker usually has decided that he/she is going to commit the act of violence […]

Congratulations Malcolm Ladley On Completing Your Kapap UK Self Defence Level 2 Certification

Congratulations Malcolm Ladley on completing your Kapap UK Self defence level 2 certification. As you know, this is an award that is provided by the Kapap UK Avi Nardia Academy to the team member who successfully completes their level 2 self defence instructor training. Malcolm has over 40 years of martial arts experience ranging from […]

Kapap Level 2 Self Defence Instructor Certification

I would like to congratulate Brett Mackenzie on completing his Kapap level 2  Self defence instructor certification. Brett traveled to the Avi Nardia Practical Martial Arts Academy Kapap Instructor training being held by Master Avi Nardia at the Ken Akiyama dojo, Koryukan Martial Arts 15 Londonderry Road, Unit 8, Londonderry, New Hampshire. Brett first became […]
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