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Avi Nardia back in Barnsley – self defence seminar Jan 2017

I’m really pleased to announce that Avi Nardia founder of Modern KAPAP is visiting Barnsley in January to run a ‘Introduction into Israeli Martial Arts seminar’ Date: 15th January Location: Project fit unit, Wentworth Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, S75 6DT Time: 10am – 4pm Cost: £30 Avi is an amazing martial artist with many years of experience. […]

Avi Nardia KAPAP self defence workshop, Barnsley, UK

We are pleased to announce that Avi Nardia founder of modern day KAPAP will be visiting the UK. He will be teaching a two day workshop in Barnsley on 26th and 27th November. The workshop will cover main CQB Close Quarter Combat, Knife and firearms defence and ground fighting. Who is Avi Nardia? Avi Nardia […]

Self defence survival instincts

Sometimes the simplest form of self defence is to listen to your instincts. In a self defence situation sometimes the best weapons for self defence are your legs and your heart why? So you can run. I believe in self preservation of my family and myself as my primary consideration but, just to make it […]

Kapap UK Workshop With Avi Nardia, Location Bridlington East Yorkshire UK

What a great day, it was great to see old and new friends, and the missed friends who couldn’t make it for the Avi Nardia Kapap workshop in Bridlington. The seminar kicked off with the head of Kapap UK, Sam Markey introducing Avi Nardia. Avi who is one of only a handful of instructors to […]

Self Defence How Do We Respond In A Crisis

Do you think about how you might respond during a potential attack, you probably wonder whether or not you’ll panic, during an extremely stressful situation, like a violent attack? When in imminent danger the brain and your body will automatically start the self defence process.In the decisive moment or action/reaction phase, many find themselves experiencing […]

Self Defence Action Reaction

The thing about self defence is there is always a price to pay. What is meant by a price to pay well to use an Albert Einstein’s third law of motion “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting […]