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Self Defence Action Reaction

The thing about self defence is there is always a price to pay. What is meant by a price to pay well to use an Albert Einstein’s third law of motion “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting […]

Kapap Level 3 self defence Instructors

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Andy Strong, Brett Richards, Gary Higham have been certified under the International Kapap Federation Headed by Chaim Peer & Chief Instructor Avi Nardia the grade of Kapap Level 3 Instructors. It has been a long six months of training for the guys who sacrificed a lot to […]

Congratulations on the completion of the Telford KAPAP level 1 instructors course

Congratulations to our new Kapap Level 1 Martial Arts Instructors! Paul Brennan the lead instructor of Kapap Telford, hosted the recent Kapap Level 1 instructor program at Telford Chin Woo, Haygate Road Wellington. Instructor candidates from around the UK completed over 50 hours of instructional preparation training through Kapap UK. The prospective Kapap instructor candidates […]

Your rights to self defence under UK law

Self-Defence and the Prevention of Crime By The Crown Prosecution Service Principle This section offers guidance of general application to all offences susceptible to the defences of: self defence; defence of another; prevention of crime; and lawful arrest and apprehension of offenders. Self defence and the prevention of crime originates from a number of different […]